Monday, April 21, 2014

New York Dress and Nika!

So PTAL won a dress!

I know as if she needed one, but on January 29th New York Dress had a contest to win one of six  Tarik Ediz Dress. I of course tried to win (for her) because his work makes my little heart go pitter patter. She (I) didn't win. Oh well another girl in Arkansas that couldn't be more deserving did win... Congrats Alyson Tyler!

Well on Valentine's Day they did another give away, and this time for a Nika dress. Well one of six Nika dresses. I tried again, and hacked her Facebook to enter her as well. I have dressed her long enough that I knew that I could pick a style she liked, and I picked two and she loved them both (because I am awesome). The trick was you had to comment on their post with the style(s) you liked then share the photo on your own page. I did this all on both our accounts. I know psycho mommy moment, but we are always searching for dresses, and if we get one for free SCORE!

Well on February 26th the announced the winners!

LOOKIE THERE!!! Her pretty little face on the far left! I called her and when I told her over the phone she started crying, which is kind of cool since I know she needed a happy.

She messaged them to find out the specifics, and they said she could pick from one of four different styles. She had to select color and size and list her top three options. We consulted with everyone we knew. We asked additional questions about colors that they didn't provide photos of, and in the end we selected a singular dress.

YUMMY YUMMY! The really cool part (that we didn't know till it arrived) was that the keyhole had nude mesh to keep it from being a wardrobe malfunction dress. The dress has three layers of fabric so it is very good on stage. It is absolutely STUNNING!!!!! I am amazed at the quality to be honest. I see a lot of dresses but this one is beautiful!

She said she felt like a Bond girl, and of course it arrived before the last pageant of the season, so she will be wearing it as an evening gown. By the time this posts she will have competed in the final pageant, and with any luck she will be the winner. We have done everything we can to prepare, and everything else is out of our hands. She will of course mature and grow over the next few years, but the reality is that she is ready. She wants to go to Miss Arkansas. She wants to support and promote our state and her community, her personal platform and the national platform, and use this system to grow as a young woman and earn scholarships.

She considered doing another system if she didn't make it to Miss Arkansas, but after much consideration that MAY change. She wants to be Miss America, then after that we will see what happens.

Monday, April 14, 2014

How Scoring Works

So all three of my readers know that PTAL competes in pageants.  I have heard a lot lately in the audience about how people are not sure how a winner is chosen. The Miss America scoring system is only slightly more confusing than the tax code so let me see if I can break it down for you. 
5 areas of scoring competition.
Interview = 25%
On -Stage Question = 5%
Evening Wear = 20%
Lifestyle & Fitness (Swimwear) = 15%
Talent = 35%
You get scored by each of the now 7 judges, prelims used to only have 5. The judges hand in the score to the auditor as you walk off stage so you are not compared to the next girl EVER. The auditor throws out the high and low score and averages the rest. This is your composite score for that phase of competition.
When you see individual awards given like for Interview and evening that is the girl that had the highest composite score in that phase of competition.
Then a mathematical logarithm is done (tax code again) to weigh each phase composite score based off the percentage of the total score that phase holds and a total composite score is calculated.
Now for the part that causes heartburn to so many people. The top 5 girls with the highest composite scores are written down and those names are handed back to the judges. The judges then assess which order they feel the girls should place, winner, first, second etc. This is a personal opinion moment that has little to do with the actual scores and more to do with how the judge feels that girl will perform as a queen.
Those rankings are assigned a point value. (not sure if this is the specific point values)
Winner = 5
First = 4
Second = 3
The scores from that ranking are averaged again. The girl with the most points from that "final ballot" is how the winner is chosen. Therefore it is entirely likely that a young woman that had the highest composite score could be fourth runner up because the judges just don't think she is the best choice for queen.
Now with 7 judges on the panel and the unbelievably strict rules they must adhere to it is highly unlikely that a pageant can be rigged. However it is mathematically possible to win everything and not capture the crown. Most people in the audience have no clue how the scoring plays out and that is the hard part. It raises a ton of questions and causes a lot of angry responses.
Also the scores once completed by the auditors are put in an envelope and sealed then signed by the field director that is on hand and then handed to the emcee.  It is an honest and very cautiously guarded system of scoring after years of lawsuits and trial and error.
So when PTAL KEEPS taking first runner up it is likely that her scores in competition placed her higher but the averages of the final ballot caused her to be first runner up. So when she places first runner up it isn't like losing, as some of her friends have asked, it's like getting the silver metal. Your still the best of the best but that other girl had one tenth or even one hundredth of a point more than you.
I hope this makes it as clear as mud. The longer she competes the more I realize this is as complicated as an athletic sport, and I think there need to be brackets. There is a young man in Arkansas that literally watches pageants as if they are sporting events and tracks girls and collects their buttons like trading cards. We all love him dearly, and NO he doesn't have unsavory goals, he is a special needs man that just loves pageants!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Parenting SUCKS!

This is for all the ladies out there who are at least 25. Remember when you had that period of time in life where you and your mother hated each other? When your mom always said your were rude and disrespectful? She complained that you behaved as if you were entitled. She wouldn't let you do things, and tightened up her check book. She complained about your tone and the look on your face as if you had a hairy wart or something. She was SOO irrational, or at least you thought so at the time.
Remember how you felt? You didn't understand why she hated you so, and figured she was having hormonal imbalances. You were just trying to accomplish what was expected of you, but most days you didn't know what that was and was pretty sure she changed her mind by the hour of what she expected. You were going to school, working, trying to have a relationship (maybe), trying to have free time (as if), and all the other stuff you had going on?
Guess what. I am the mom now, and PTAL is the daughter. Just like when I was 18 going on 25 and my mother was trying to be the best mom she could, well PTAL and I are at odds on seemingly EVERYTHING! I know she is growing up and wants to make that mental transition in life. I know that she has a ridiculous amount of CRAP on her plate like applying to college, scholarship applications, making good grades, preparing for pageants, working, a social life, and all the other stuff that is SO much to handle at this age. I know that in her heart she wants to do the best she can and make me happy.
So it is really frustrating when I have to push her to do more. To pay more attention to deadlines, to not spend that time on her phone texting some boy, to responding to emails and messages, to keep a list of all the things you have to complete and schedule time to complete them, to remind her to use the phone I pay for to keep me informed on her whereabouts since that is my vehicle in my name with my gas and insurance, to not having that tone..... THAT TONE!!!! Make me want to snatch your hair out TONE!!!!..

Dear mom, I am sorry I wish you were here for me to tell you in person.

Anyway I have to push her to accept that this is a miserable time, but that if I don't push she won't make this transition like everyone of us has made. I know that not everyone has this experience in life, but let's be honest it is the majority for the most part since almost every woman I talk to can relate. I plead with my friends who are older and have grown female children, WHAT DO I DO!!!! They say, very unhelpfully, "You're doing the best you can, you will survive"
Seriously I HATE, with the passion of one thousand suns, being at odds with my girls. They are my charges to raise and make them into productive, intelligent, independent, amazing young women that can stand on their own two feet without anyone, but gladly welcoming all the people in their lives they want. This phase is miserable. I hate this shit, and when it passes I hope the door does hit in in the ass on the way out.

Basically Parenting SUCKS!!!!